Notionnaut is live 🧑‍🚀

First post on this website! How awesome 🙂

Time for a short introduction. Frank here 👋. I love systems. Productivity systems. One: I need them. And two: I love setting up and tweaking them to my needs.

Well then.. my tasks were smoothly arranged in the systems. But.. I kept tweaking the views on my data. I loved Todoist for exactly that. And, there was a process in my brain that was looking for something else. Something vague… some kind of higher level system(?).

And BAM! Then I stumbled upon r/notion. Pieces fell into place. I’d seen Notion before, but could never grasp the idea of it. Besides that, Things was prettier. But then I saw what people did with the tool. I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE!

The learning curve started! All good. Because I had lots of enthusiasm. Let me master the tool ^_^ I accidentally the whole r/notion, watched a few video courses and played with Notion night after night.

Notion is a tool to build your own tool. Realising that was an eye opener. Also, relating items to each other and the different views on the same data were killer features for me personally. I did go nuts on the tool. I went too far, made it way too complex and eventually.. I simplified!

On this point, I had a system, I could trust and work with. Awesome!

Currently I integrated my second brain in Notion, built a spaced repetition system, and I have a wonderful todo-system. And who knows what’s next.

Ok.. here and now. Why am I here now? I want to share my enthusiasm about Notion with you. And with that, I hope that it inspires you to build an awesome system 🙂

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